Using Assignment-specific Requirements

In most cases, your clients are likely to have the same requirements for a given shift each time. However there are always exceptions to any rule. To accommodate this, you can set a client to enable the use of these ‘on-the-fly skills’.

To do this, first go to the Client General Information or Client Locations sections by clicking on the ‘Clients’ button on the toolbar. This will bring you to the appropriate section.

1. As you mouse over an entry, an edit icon will appear on the left. Click this to bring up the Modify Client Location screen for that entry.

2. Note at the bottom left there’s a checkbox titled “Custom requirements”. Filling this checkbox will enable that functionality - for this location only.

3. Click the ‘Save changes’ button.

Now, what does this accomplish? Well it allows you to say that for this location, there are times where the needed skill sets may change from what is usually required. In that case, it’ll allow different qualifications to be defined from normal each time a shift is created, if so desired.

4. Go back to the New Assignment screen. You should notice a new option under the Client field - ‘Set Custom Requirements’.

Note: To see more info on qualifications, go to Qualifications management.

5. Click on ‘Set Custom Requirements’. This will bring up the qualifications picker. On the left are the current ‘standard’ requirements, and on the right is the list of Skillsets, Courses, and Languages that are available.

6. Click on a green arrow to add it to this assignment, or a red one to remove it. Ones that are added will appear in the list on the left. You can also remove standard requirements if they’re not appropriate for this assignment. Click the X in the upper right corner when you’re done to accept these choices.

7. Now, go back to the Scheduler by clicking on the View Shifts button on the tool bar, and select Week View.

8. Find your new assignment and click on it to bring up the details. You’ll notice the list under ‘Required Qualifications’ on the upper right side of the coloured box.

9. As you look through your list of personnel, you have two options: the ‘Qualified’ tab, which only lists people who meet all of the requirements, and the ‘Not Qualified’ tab, which lists only people who meet some or none of the requirements. In the second case, their skills will be matched against the requirements, and will be highlighted on the list. Ones they possess will include a green check mark, while qualifications they’re missing will be a red ‘no’ symbol.

10. From here, simply book your personnel as normal, and you’re done!