1. To reach the Preferences subsection, click on the Settings icon. This will open the Setting menu. Pick ‘Preferences’ from the menu, and the subsection will open up.

2. The first tab that you’ll see upon loading the section is the General Preferences. Enter all the appropriate information.

3. To upload your agency’s logo, click the ‘Upload Image’ button. This will bring up a file picker. Navigate to where your logo file is and select it.

4. You can edit the other information, but it should be filled in already from when your system was set up. Note: DO NOT edit the phone number. This will break your phone/SMS notifications, if enabled.

5. Checking the 'Enable Permanent Search Functionality' box will enable additional options in the New Requests and other areas of the system for organizations that do recruiting rather than just temporary staffing.

6. Click ‘Save’ to save your changes.