Are you ready to get a leg up on your competition? Staffpoint™ is the latest and the best healthcare agency staffing software in the industry.

If you can remember RED, BLUE, and GREEN then you can already speak Staffpoint™.

Staffpoint™ is custom built specifically for your staffing agency. Staffpoint™ is not a generic staffing software that your agency has to try to adapt to your particular needs.

Staffpoint™ already knows what your agency wants to do and it automatically performs over 90 percent of the work that now takes your agency countless man hours to perform. This includes always finding the best personnel on your roster to fill any specific assignment request from your clients and always keeping everyone up to date in real time including your agency, your personnel and your clients.

It’s a powerful tool that will give you an edge over your competition. It will allow your agency to give the best and fastest service to your customers, and allow you to integrate and bond with your clients and your agency personnel in a way that no other software can.

Staffpoint™ is staffing for the 21st century.

Staffpoint™ uses the latest in web based technology to allow your agency to keep up with business from anywhere in the world that you can access the internet, and it tracks, records and stores every interaction so your agency, your personnel and your clients can create customized reports anytime and anywhere.

You’ll be amazed at not only how powerful the software is but also just how easy and fun it is to actually use.

This manual will show you all of Staffpoint’s™ features.

The HRM Interface

After logging in as shown below, you’ll come to the Assignment Overview.

The Scheduler is the main view of the Staffpoint™ HRM. This is where you’ll see (by default) the current week’s assignments, all laid out at a glance for ease of use.

The Action Bar

The Action Bar is a small area with a big heart. It’s always available, no matter what part of the HRM you’re in.

Click this to go back to the Dashboard.
Calendar Picker
Click this to bring up the mini-calendar. From here, you can pick a date or range of dates to show in the Scheduler.
Log out
Click to log out of the system and go back to the login screen.

The Tool bar

The Tool bar is the main interface element in the Staffpoint™ HRM that allows you to move between all its different subsections. There are subsections for managing personnel, clients, reporting, and more.

New Request
This allows the Scheduler to directly create new assignments or assignment series on behalf of the client, without needing them to log in to the Client Module.
Event Log
This subsection gives the Scheduler an up-to-date view of all scheduling actions being performed in the system. Whether it’s a new assignment being created, a personnel member requesting to work an assignment, quick links to view and book personnel, and more. Each action is colour-coded in the same way as the Staffpoint™ Assignment Tags for easy reading.
View Assignments
The Scheduler display is the first thing you see when you log in. By default it displays in the Week View, however you will also be able to utilize the Bi-weekly view, to show 2 weeks (14 days) at a time, and the Month View, to view the entire month at a time. There is also Shift Series section, where you can view all series assignments, the Broadcasting section, where you can manage notification status, and Import Assignments.
Under Personnel, you can manage your personnel and their qualifications, as well as personnel types. Almost all aspects of personnel management are under this menu.
Under Clients, you’ll be able to manage any divisions you have your firm set up in, your clients, their locations (wings, departments, private homes, etc, if any) and create and mange client users for use with the Client Module.
Everything to do with reporting is found here. Client reports, agency reports, personnel reports, and more are all at your fingertips, with highly configurable options to tailor your reporting to how you work.
This menu contains all of the general management subsections for Places (physical locations - cities), Qualifications, (where languages, courses, skills, and more are defined), billing type, and more. This is also the place you’ll find subsections for managing your administrators who are able to access the HRM, as well as some global configuration settings.

Assignment Tags

The Scheduler is where all the most important information is displayed. All assignments are shown in chronological order, from start to end of day, and are colour-coded based on each assignment’s status. Each Assignment Tag shows important information simply:

The Assignment Tags display the colour-coded assignment status using seven different colours:

A cancelled assignment. An assignment of any colour will become black when cancelled.

An open (un-filled), requested assignment; one with no personnel member attached to work it. The phone icon is the ‘dispatch icon’ . It only appears when the calling system is enabled, and shows that this assignment is currently being broadcast to potential personnel. It will disappear when all potentials are called.

Light Blue
This is an assignment that has personnel reserved for it. They will be unavailable for other assignments while reserved.

This is an assignment that has been requested by personnel. They won’t be assigned to it until you’ve confirmed the assignment.

A confirmed assignment; one that has a personnel member attached to work it. When approved as complete, it will become green.

A completed assignment as approved by a scheduler or client with authorization to sign out personnel.

Assignment Stacks
If you have multiple identical assignments (same time, location, and staff type), the system will move them all into a ‘stack’ to save space on the screen. You can click on this stack and then maneuver around to the different individual assignments by using the arrows within.

Dispatching Assignment
(Optional, depending on your service agreement)If an assignment is currently able to dispatch to personnel, you'll see either a 'phone' or 'pause' icon within the shift tag, denoting its status as either currently dispatching or holding dispatch, respectively. The state of dispatching can be changed by the system automatically, or manually by the user within the assignment details.

Assignment Tooltips
Hover your mouse cursor over an assignment tag and a small tooltip will appear, showing you a summary and extra assignment details. The arrows can move between assignments in a stack.

Assignment Details

Clicking on any Assignment Tag will bring up an Assignment Details panel that shows all details for the assignment. There are two parts to this panel.

On the left you’ll see:
  • Assignment ID
  • Status of the shift (in addition to its colour code)
  • Client / client location
  • Personnel type requested
  • Which client user requested the assignment, and when
  • Assignment duration
  • Assignment start & end times

Optionally, extra details will be listed, including:

  • Personnel member assigned to assignment
  • When they were assigned, and who assigned them
  • A link to check any assignment info
  • A field for the Scheduler to enter any notes relating to the assignment
  • A Personnel Picker for choosing which personnel to assign to the assignment
  • If there are any OT hours in the duration
  • Fields for defining payment and billing parameters
  • Billing and payment status
  • Controls for changing the state of dispatching
  • Arrows that allow you to navigate between the different details in a stack
  • Different buttons for performing various tasks
  • and more!

On the right, optionally, will be the personnel picker. Personnel are listed based on various availability and suitability factors.

The personnel picker is where you’ll see all the personnel available to a shift. You can also view various collections of staff based on qualifications and availability.

Assignment Filters

The assignment filters are a way to simplify your assignment calendar if you manage many clients with high demand. By using any of the controls in the upper area of the assignment calendar, you can pick a specific client, personnel-type or other criteria to view just THOSE assignments.


Some of the terminology used in this manual is as follows:

This represents a single continuous period of work.
The RNs, forklift operators, security guards etc... employed by your agency to work assignments.

Scheduling or other administrative personnel employed by your agency to manage the personnel.

A hospital, care facility, retail store, factory, or other facility that you provide staffing for.

Similar to a Client, except that a location can also be a sub-set of a client, for example Tim Horton’s could be a client, but a location would be individual Timmie’s stores.

Missed assignment
An assignment for which personnel were unable to be found, and therefore went unfilled.

Declined shift
When a personnel turns down an assignment, it will be considered declined for the purposes of availability and reporting.

An un-filled (red) assignment.