Duplicating Assignments

Staffpoint enables you to duplicate (similar to copying and pasting) assignments, not just create new ones. Why would you want to do this? There are a couple of scenarios:

  • Generally you'll create multiple assignments from the New Requests page, by setting a '# of Assignments' greater than one. However there may be a case where you've created the wrong amount and need extras, or perhaps you've only created an amount, and the client calls back needing say, one more.
  • Perhaps you've created an assignment in error. You've entered the wrong location, or maybe incorrect assignment details. Since such details are final after you've created the assignment, cancelling an assignment and recreating it is the only way to fix it.

But now you need to go back in to New Requests and start the process all over again for maybe one assignment? What if you don't have the old info handy? This is where assignment duplication comes in.

1. When you hover your mouse cursor over a shift tag, you will often see a 'preview' of some of the details of an assignment. In the lower right corner of that preview, you should see the 'copy shift' icon. Clicking this will bring up a different panel depending on what kind of shift you're copying.

If you're copying a regular shift, such as a Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green one, you'll see this dialog box, asking you which date/time you'd like to paste it on. You can also duplicate stacks in this way. This dialog shows:

  • The number of shifts being duplicated
  • The date picker
  • The 'paste' button.

For a Blue shift, the system will also attempt to paste in the assigned personnel.

You can cancel the operation by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

2. Click the 'Paste assignments' button to complete this operation. If the system can't paste a shift with the personnel assigned, it will let you know, and give you the opportunity to change the date/time, or cancel the copy.

  • If there are no issues, you'll see (like many other areas of the system) a green 'success!' banner along the top of the screen.

3. Black shifts work differently. In this case, the dialog that comes up will present you all of the original info fields that were used when it was created. This will allow you to paste this cancelled shift as a new Red shift, and give you the opportunity to edit any info that may have been incorrect, and the reason you had to cancel it. One limitation is that you can't duplicate stacks with this method. Click the 'Create' button and a new Red shift will be placed in the scheduler.