The List View presents you with a different take on the scheduler. It will show all of the assignments in the chosen date range, filterable just like the normal scheduler, but in a chronological vertical list. This gives you a different view of your assignments, but more importantly allows you do do a couple operations on multiple assignments at once, potentially saving you a lot of time. You can view all of the vital information, and if you click on the Assignment ID, it'll take you to the assignment details - just as if you had clicked on a shift tag.

Actions Menu

You may notice the 'Actions' menu in the upper left of the left view. You may also have noticed the checkboxes beside the blue (confirmed) assignment. These work together to allow you to A) approve a ton of assignments at once, or B) check in many assignments at once (see Checking In and Out). Whether you're approving or checking-in multiple assignments at a time, the system will ask you to confirm that this is what you want to do. Simply click yes or no to confirm your action, and it'll be done!