Here, you’ll see a listing of all the defined Personnel Types (assuming there are any already defined), as well as what code is assigned to them, and a description of what they are.

1. To create a new Personnel Type, click on the ‘New Personnel Type’ button in the upper right corner. This will bring up the New Personnel Type window.

2. Enter the name of this Personnel Type, as well as the code (an abbreviation such as RN for Registered Nurse), and a description of the type, and click the ‘Create’ button. This will add the Personnel Type to the list.

3. After this, if you want to view or modify any specific Personnel Type billing settings, click on the Name or Code of

the entry you want to modify. This will bring up the Personnel Type Details window.

Personnel Rates and Breaks

4. This is where you can set any specific rates that this Personnel Type may have. Any personnel assigned this type will take these billing settings as their default for any jobs of this Personnel Type.

The order of precedence for rates is as follows: the Billing Type Rate is the lowest, followed by Personnel Type Rates. Any customized Personnel Rates will supersede the Billing Type Rates and Personnel Type Rates. Finally, any Client Rates (see pg 42) will over-ride both Personnel and Billing Type Rates.

5. Click on the + icon beside the rate you want to customize. A text box will appear to the left of it where you can enter the rate per action (time, weight, distance, etc... as defined in Billing Types Management.

6. Clicking on ‘Breaks’ will allow you to define how breaks are handled for that rate. Fill the check box that corresponds to the length of the shift, then enter how many minutes to deduct from bill and pay durations. Multiple break durations can be set if needed.

7. The ‘Missed Breaks’ setting will determine how much is paid when someone misses a break. The number is a percentage, so if the base rate is $10 an hour, and you enter 150%, then they will be paid $15 an hour for that missed break, proportionate with its length.

8. When you’re satisfied, click the ‘thumbs up’ icon and your changes will be saved. Please note that only time-based billing types can have breaks applied to them.