You may have noticed a third button at the top of the Personnel Management section. This is what you’d use if you have a long list of personnel in Excel format. Instead of entering each one by hand, you can simply feed that file into this importer, and let the system do the work for you.

1. Clicking the ‘Import Personnel’ button will bring you to the Import Data - Personnel section.

2. Click the up-arrow button to select an Excel file to upload for import, and then click the ‘Upload’ button to send it to the system.

3. The import matching panel will show up after it has completed uploading the file and reading it. This will show all of the different pages in the Excel file, along with all of the appropriate matching categories.

4. For each column in the Excel file, match that with the appropriate dropdown presented - for example, the ‘postal code’ dropdown might match up with ‘postal code’ or ‘zip code’ in your file.

5. The minimum needed fields are highlighted in red. Once you’re done, the system will bring up a message telling you how many personnel have been imported, and you can continue to modify them as needed.