1. Adding a new Personnel listing is a 2-step process. First click on the ‘New Personnel’ button. You’ll be presented with a personnel details screen. This screen contains all of the personnel member’s contact info, as well as a few vitals such as login info for their Personnel Panel if applicable, and some employment-related info.

2. Fill out all the fields. The minimum required is the first and last name, but every extra field that you fill allows the system to do a more complete and accurate job. For instance, without location/address info, the system won’t be able to give you and your personnel helpful distance, time, or mapping help.

3. To attach a picture, click on the ‘+Upload Image’ button. This will bring up a file picker. Choose the image you want, then click “Save Changes” to save the new picture. To delete an picture, click the ‘X’ beside ‘current image’. Click ‘Save Changes’.

Let’s go over what a couple of these dropdown boxes mean.

This controls which phone number (entered on the left) that the system will use for phone notifications (if enabled).

This one controls how soon an assignment will show up in a personnel member’s Staff Panel after they have been notified (by phone or email). Before this point, the assignments won’t appear. After this point, they will. ’After Notification’ means that an open assignment will only appear after they’ve first received a notification - either by phone or email.

The payment type deals with billing and scheduling.

Internal means that they’re directly employed by you and paid as such.

Contractor means that they work on a freelance or contract basis. This will display a couple of new

options where you can fill in any HST information which may be required.

External means that they’re employed by an outside organization.