The Event Log can be thought of as something of a visual running log of all the scheduling operations performed in the system. It will track new-created assignments, modifications to assignments, cancelled assignments, and will display basic info about each assignment or change.

To get to the Event Log just click on the ‘Event Log’ button on the toolbar. This will open it up in the main window as shown below.

Each assignment is stamped with some important information when created:

Time Requested
The time of day the assignment was created or modified

Assignment ID
A unique identifier attached to each assignment for the system to keep track of

Action Performed
The action that has been performed on the assignment. These actions include the assignment being opened, requested, assigned, approved, or closed, with appropriate colour-coding

Date/time to/from
The date range of the assignment (start/end dates)

Personnel type
The type of personnel needed to work the assignment

The client or location where personnel are needed to work

Assigned personnel
If assigned, the name of the personnel member confirmed to be attached to the assignment will be listed here

Who requested it?
The user (Administrator or Client) that performed the action.

Clicking on the Assignment ID or status will bring up the Assignment Details for that assignment (see pg 18, the section “Covering an Assignment” for more info), while clicking on a personnel member’s name will bring up their Personnel profile.

You can filter the event log by client, personnel, or personnel type to make things easier, and the calendar control on the left can change the date range that it will display events for.