1. Click on the Reports icon in the toolbar. This will bring up the Reports menu. Select ‘Personnel Reports’ from the menu. This leads to the Personnel Reports section

2. Choose your reporting criteria. By default, it uses the week ending today. In this case, between the 1st and 6th of June. It also defaults to All personnel, although you can show a report for only a specific personnel member at a time.

3. You’ll see a table of assignments for this employee showing: the Shift ID, the client/ location, Personnel type, the date and start time of the assignment, its status the duration of the assignment in hours, and the amount to be paid, etc. Below each personnel member section will be a row for totals or hours and payment amounts.

4. Clicking any of the ‘Payable’ or HST checkboxes will show some additional columns displaying payable hours, any flat rate charge, and any payable amount for piece- work. It can also show any HST that applies.

5. The Payroll report will also let you mark assignments as ‘cleared’ for the purposes of paying your personnel. Clearing an assignment will let you know that, whenever you generate a report, that assignment has been paid, so that you never double- pay anyone by accident. Assignments will also clear automatically when exported to MS Dynamics or Quickbooks, or when a statement is printed. You can filter between all, cleared, or not-cleared entries.

Personnel reports can also be exported to industry-standard .CSV files, MS Excel files, or Printed Statements (similar to Billing reports). Simply click on the ‘Export CSV’ or Export Excel button in the upper right and Staffpoint™ will save the .CSV or .XLS file to your computer. Clicking ‘Print Statement’ will create an HTML printable payroll statement for you.