To access the client reports in Staffpoint™:

1. Click on the Reports icon in the toolbar. This will bring up the Reports menu. Select ‘Client Reports’ from the menu. This leads to the Client Reports section.

2. Choose your reporting criteria. By default, the report’s start date is the week before, the end date is today, and it shows results for all clients.

3. You’ll see a row for each client/location that has had active assignments during that duration. If you choose a specific client/location instead, there will be a row just for that one.

4. To see details for a location, click the ‘Details’ icon on the right. This will open a table showing each assignment request made during that time period, for that location. You’ll see the position requested, the personnel who worked it (if it was filled), from/to dates, and assignment duration. Totals are provided in the overview to make tallying easier and quicker.

5. From the details table, you can click on a personnel member’s name or the assignment ID to bring up a details panel.

6. Click on the ‘Export Excel’ button to save the currently-displayed report to an Excel file on your computer.