‘Qualifications’ are a catch-all term for anything you’d use to filter personnel by specific needs for abilities or knowledge they’d need for a job. They can be used to fine-tune the availability or appropriateness of a personnel member for a specific assignment.

A skill set is a specific parameter that’s assigned to a personnel member, which a client might require to expect them to work in a certain location. Examples might be ‘Mount Spitzer Hospital Orientation’, ‘Lift license’, ‘Culinary prep’ etc.

Courses are such things as taking a first-aid or CPR class, WHMIS, etc... items that show a competency in a certain area which you may want to use to further organize personnel by, and for which certain clients may have requirements for.

Defining languages is optional, but in today’s multicultural society, it’s more important than ever to have a wide range of personnel with different linguistic skills in order to better serve clients and customers.

1. To reach Qualifications Management, click on the Settings icon to open the Settings menu. Pick ‘Qualifications management’ from the menu, to open up the subsection.

2. To create a new Qualification, first, click on the ‘New Qualification’ button in the upper right.

3. Functionally, all three types are similar, but for ease of organization, select a type from the Qualification Type dropdown.

4. Enter a title, then click the ‘Create’ button to save your qualification. It will appear in the Qualifications Management list, and will also be visible in a couple other places.

5. To delete a Qualification, click the trash can icon on the right side of an entry.

6. If you want to limit which Personnel Types this qualification applies to, click on the text in the ‘applies to’ column. This will bring up a window where you can select ‘All Personnel Types’, which makes it a global qualification available to anyone, or you can select specific personnel types for it to apply to. When you’re done, click the X in the upper corner to exit. Changes are automatically saved.

You can now add or remove the appropriate qualifications from within New Assignments, Assignment Details, Personnel Profiles, and Client Requirements.

7. To edit a qualification, click the ‘edit’ icon to the left of an entry. This will bring up the Qualification editor. Here you can change the name, or if it was miscategorized, you can change the type.